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On the go ?

Motivated to empower them to be curious and open-minded? Start travelling with them without the hassle of baby gear! Rent everything from local families, who will be happy to share with you their (real) kid-friendly places, city's hacks and hidden gems.

At home

Either for earning some extra money or just for being eco-friendly and meeting new people. List all your baby equipment for families looking to rent out baby gear instead of buying it.

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Jose Manuel
Washington DC (USA)

It's been amazing to have been able to not only travel a lot easier and lighter with our 2 kids but also to have discovered great kid friendly places thanks to Babyhop! It's such a life saver!

(UK living in France)

My friends come to visit me often, and it's so much easier to host them and their kids now that we can rent everything on BabyHop. When I realised how helpful it was, I decided to post some items to rent them to parents on the go. It was REALLY easy to post pictures and descriptions. It feels good to meet new people all whilst being helpful.

(Travelling with grandkids)

I love to travel with my grandkids. And we have decided to do this even if they are not even 2. While there is no magic way to make all travel difficulties vanish, at least we have BabyHop to forget about carrying everything. Tips are now relaxing and fun!

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